What is PayPal and how to create PayPal Account

 What is PayPal and how to create PayPal Account

PayPal is the most trusted company to transfer money online, allowing you to transact almost all currencies in most countries.

If you use the Internet, then you must know PayPal.

So on this page we have shared all the information related to PayPal like what is PayPal, how it works and how to create a verified account on PayPal.

So let's start reading PayPal information.

What is PayPal?

Paypal is a world-renowned US company that offers the facility to send and accept money online.With Paypal being very easy to transact money, it is completely safe, so it is being used all over the world. You can transact money through PayPal in almost all major countries of the world.

In simple language, if you want to receive money from any person or send money, then you can exchange money with Paypal very easily.

PayPal also takes some commissions on its transactions. For example, if you send $ 100 to someone, then PayPal takes about 6% commission as Transaction Fees.

If you want to buy any items online, then you can easily buy through PayPal.

The best thing is that it is very easy and completely safe.

How does PayPal work?

Paypal works in a very easy way, for that you have to first create a Payapl Account, which can be easily created with the information of Email ID and Bank Account.

After creating a PayPal account, Payapl sends some money to your bank account for the verification of your bank account, which you have to verify in the PayPal account, so that PayPal understands that this bank account is yours and you receive the money safely Will be able to do it

The email you use while creating a Paypal account is your Username from which you can ask for money from anyone and anyone can send money from PayPal to your PayPal account easily by email id or Username.


Therefore, you can receive money from Username and send money from another's Username.

Let us now learn to create a Paypal Account.

How to create Paypal Account?

To create a Paypal account, you must first go to the official website of Paypal.

Paypal Account kaise banaye

PayPal Home page

On the Payapl Signup Page, you will first be asked whether you want to open an account for shopping or business?

Even if you have to open an account for business, still I would advise you to first open an account for shopping, after that you can upgrade it.


Paypal account kaise kaam krta hai

After choosing an account for shooping or trading, you have to give the information of which country you belong to

If you are from India, then choose India or do the country you are from and you will have to become a password by entering your email id.

After that you have to enter contact information like: name, address, mobile number, email etc.

On the next page, you have to add Debit Card or Credit Card to your Paypal Account, you can also skip this step.

Paypal account kaise kaam krta hai

Now your Paypal Account has been created

To complete the task means that you have to add some other information to your Paypal account.

This information is as follows.

  • Bank account information
  • Tax information (Pancard)
  • Debit card or credit card information
  • Your email id has to be verified.
  • After the account is created, you will deposit two amount as money in PayPal's Bank Account.

The amount of which you will have to enter PayPal Account. Through which Paypal will know that the money is going to your account.

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