How to creating your first AdWords ad Step by step guide in 2020

 Step by step guide to creating your first AdWords ad

Whether your online business involves financing other ventures or creating too many blogs, you have to pass a barrier to creating an online marketing strategy. One of the most popular advertising services on the Internet is Google AdWords. Built by one of the largest search engines, making full use of this platform will ensure visibility and earn more on your platform.

First AdWords ad

In this article, I'll show you how to create your first AdWords ad. We will get in touch on what Google AdWords is as a service and detailed steps on how to create ads.Before that, watch the short videos below on a refreshment on the importance of digital marketing for your business:

What is google AdWords

In this section we will talk about Google AdWords. It will be divided into two parts: how it was made and what features it has.


This online advertising platform started on October 23, 2000. It was launched among 350 businesses and advertising agencies worldwide. Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page said that the platform can help any business build a flexible digital marketing program based on its goals and budget.

Marketing tool 

The marketing tool works similarly to Google's premium sponsorship program, where various businesses can purchase keywords. After purchase, the company makes related advertisements. Ads are included in search results when someone uses Google with keywords.


An essential factor to be considered here is the cost per milliliter (CPM), an amount the company pays to one advertiser per 1,000 clicks on prior advertising. Currently, the rate is 1.5% for a top aid unit, 1.2% for a middle aid unit and 1% for bottom aid units.

Google AdSense

Since then they have added more features above the base features of the platform. In 2003, it introduced Google AdSense. A year ago, they released an improved version of the platform and is adding features on top of it.

Google Analytics

They have since been adding more features to the platform. In 2005, he integrated the platform with Google Analytics. This is due to being able to use the technology created by Porcupine, a company they bought in March of that year.In addition, he ventured into video ads, Gmail commercials, and served ads for iOS over the years. Due to these developments, he was able to become one of the most prominent online advertisers to date.


Since its launch 19 years ago, it has many features available to the user. These include the following:

Keyword Planner 

Keyword Planner - Displays information about search queries and manages existing advertising campaigns within the platform and where different companies can also bid for certain keywords for their respective campaigns.

AdWords Express

AdWords Express - an automated service that aims for management and small businesses to launch a digital marketing campaign through Google's bots.

Google Ads Editor

Google Ads Editor - Platform feature that allows the user to make bulk changes to the ads and edit the advertisements even when not connected to the Internet.

Google Ads Manager Accounts

Google Ads Manager Accounts - A service for advertising agencies across platforms to manage individual customers using Google Ads

Reach Planner - a special tool that charts the future reach and extent of video ads through any of Google's video partners

IP Address Exclusion - This enables advertisers to control which ads should be shown based on the visitor's location and language based on their IP

Google Partners - A training program where any user can become certified in using the platform for professional purposes

Placement-targeted advertising - enables companies to choose to display their ads about domain names, topics, and user demographics

Remarketing - enables businesses to show a certain set of ads to return visitors to their site

Smart Shopping Advertising - a feature that combines standard shopping and display remarketing features to improve visibility at Google's Merchant Center

Ad extensions - enable advertisers to include reviews, site links and SMS apps in advertisements on the platform, and there are several manual and automated extensions to choose from Google Click-to-Call - a service that enables users to contact advertisers directly from search results pages.

Google AdWords Customer March 

 Allow users on Google to show ads that specifically target them based on information they agreed to share with them. Google Advertising Grant - Allows some non-profit organizations to use the platform.

Steps on creating ads in Google AdWords

From what we learned from the previous section, Google AdWords is a platform where various businesses can use to buy keywords. They can also post advertisements on this platform that can be seen by everyone or Google

Source: What is Neil Patel Google AdWords

Note that once you select a keyword to bid on, it means that you want your ad to actually appear in the search term entered by your future visitor. Make sure you exclude any negative keywords that your ad does not show.

Getting your ad in a search result using negative keywords will devalue your business in the customer's eyes. Apart from this, it will also help in keeping your business legitimate.

Step 4: Look at your competition

When you open a business, it is expected that you will face competition. This also includes when you try to get your ad to the top of your search results. There are many ways for you to test how tough it is to compete.


Spyfu prides itself on one of the best keyword research tools for which you can pay membership fees. They use data collected from 80 million domains and 5 billion results, updating this database every day. To use this tool, you simply enter a keyword through your search bar, and it will generate the results below for "stationery paper" If you clicked on the tab under "Advertiser History", you can check the top three contestants ranked under the keyword.

Uber suggestion

Created by Neil Patel, this SEO tool can also help you see how websites and keywords do well. As an example, you can go through the app and enter "stationery paper", and get the following results:

Source: Ubersuggest Results for "Stationary Paper"

Scrolling down, you can also find out how many people searched for this keyword, the demographics of those who saw it, who were through click paid SEO or not, and suggested the keyword to rank you first Could help.

Relevant: Read Ubersuggest's detailed review here

When you log in to the site for the first time after logging into your business Google account, you will be asked what you are aiming for. After that, you will be guided through a series of four steps to create your first campaign.

All you need to do is fill in your business name and website.

After submitting your business details, the next step involves creating your first ad. These are the steps to create your first text ad:

  • Click on the pencil and open the "Text Ads" section.
  • Enter your landing page URL, a web page that you want someone to click on.
  • Enter an attention grabbing title. There are two fields where you can write it and hyphen it in the middle. You want your ad to be sure to include keywords that rank.
  • Enter a short description of your ad to entice your customers to click even more.

If you want your customers to call you directly when they click on the ad, then check "Make phone calls from your ad" and enter your business contact number.

When you are finished, click "Save".

After creating your new ad, you have to indicate the budget you want to use to food this ad campaign. It involves choosing which currency and daily amount you want to spend. Click "Save" and you can proceed to the next page.In addition, you can choose between the following when bidding on keywords to make purchases for the campaign:

  1. Automatic bidding - the "Automatically set my bids to get the most clicks within my budget" option where Google will determine which keywords to bid on
  2. Manual bidding - Select "I'll choose my bids manually" and enter the amount you want to bid on the keyword. When you want your ad to appear by editing the following properties, you can also edit:
  3. Location - Target customers within a certain geographic area and exclude customers from a certain location at the same time
  4. Network - Assets this property

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