How to create AWS account in 2020

 Hi guys i will going to tell you how to create amazon web services Account in 2020. How to create AWS account in 2020

What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

As you can understand from its name, it is an Amazon product. Amazon Web Services is also called AWS in short, which is a platform for cloud computing of Amazon. AWS is known worldwide as a very best cloud computing platform. It was launched in 2006 to launch the Amazon retail store. But as its popularity increased, it was also opened for marketing .. On Amazon Web service you get not only cloud computing service but more than 100 computing services. It is very difficult to understand all these services at once. These services are used separately on the internet. Amazon Web Services is a virtual machine. Which you can use with the help of your mobile all smartphone or computer. For this you do not need to install big machines in your homes. Some of the services provided by Amazon Web Services are as follows.

  1. Cloud computing
  2. Content Delivery Network
  3. Cloud storage
  4. Archive backup
  5. Restore
  6. Business management
  7. Storage database etc.

You will find many services on AWS. For more information about AWS (Amazon Web Services), we will definitely put a new post on our blog. But today we will just take information about this way we will set up CDN for WordPress website with the help of AWS (Amazon Web Services).

AWS pricing - How much does an AWS Clouds Front CDN cost?

You can use AWS CDN using the Clouds Front service of Amazon Web Services. For the first year you get 50 GB data transfer out of AWS free for 12 months and 2000000 http or https request free for 1 year every month. If you are a blogger or website owner then you can try it for free. You can experiment to increase the speed of your blog and give a better user experience. After that you complete the ranking of your website after the completion of 1 year, and if you want to use it further, AWS customer care support You can talk to them and get information about their service pricing. Which reads around 2.5 $ to $ 10. Cloud Front's AWS service is free, but the money you have to pay is for storage such as the S-3. But there is nothing to worry about, you can use it for 1 year for free. So let's know how you will set up AWS Clouds Front CDN on your WordPress website?

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