Find out how to create an Instagram ad now!

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Mandatory implication of cyber sales about Instagram is clear. For a few months, the requested social network has achieved success in the commercial sector. And that is, virtual marketing claimed by them for 21st century businesses and stores. And it allows, that the technology of marketing and cyber marketing through social platforms has become a worldwide trend. This is why users of the network, they should know how Instagram ads are made.

Social advertising

Social advertising has become a common trend among business and digital stores. This is due to higher consumption by users for the platform. That is why it should be the right place to reach the youth market. Social network. Moreover, the level of influence and influence is very high so that the advertisement of the platform can often reach the desired objectives.

How to create an ad on Instagram

During the year 2015, the Instagram platform has allowed the option to post ads from the Facebook advertising interface. In this way, the user will have complete management of the ad used. This is because the advertisement will be posted directly from the user account. One of the biggest benefits of Instagram ads is the reduction in rates by using the platform for advertising purposes. Also, objective execution and immediate volunteering.

 Advertisement on Instagram

To create an advertisement on Instagram, the user must define the advertising mechanism you want to use. In this way, it will be possible to lure more and more customers. Thus, the success achieved by the store will be desired, or may even exceed previous expectations. However to use platform tools, such as creating ads, Instagram. Therefore, the objective must be defined, as well as the strategy and marketing design to reach the desired population.


With these types of advertisements, the company will ensure correct visualization of the advertisement picture. In addition, when you create an Instagram ad using a photo, an ideal product overview is offered. As such, it is an excellent marketing strategy.


Businesses that are innovating in cyber marketing by creating Instagram ads will be able to publish videos. The maximum duration of these videos will be one minute, and during this short period they will be able to attract the full attention of the market.

Carousel publication

This advertising model will allow the sales item to be expanded better. For this, use is made of four photos detailed description of the product. Thus, the potential buyer should be able to see the desired product in detail.

The campaign

After the "link" step of creating Instagram ads, the user should go to Ads Manager. Once inside the admin, you should select on the text "Create Campaign". After that, you have to choose a campaign goal; One of the most commonly used enhancements is the conversion. To do this on your site, the user must obtain Facebook Pixel, available from its official page.


The user can purchase the ad group of their choice, depending on the type of conversion they want to use. Assuming the fact that A Facebook Pixel will collect information from the scope of the page on your platform. After that, you have to define the population in which the advertisement is directed and the set amount to invest. After pointing to the answer to the previous options, it is possible to suggest starting with lower costs and increasing them periodically, the user should confirm your decision.

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