Beginner's Guide to Google AdWords for ecommerce Marketing

 In order to become a successful online seller, you should attract customers to your store. But in this competitive e-commerce market, how will you be able to do this? Today, various payment and organic marketing strategies can help you improve online visibility and increase conversions. Google AdWords is one of them. With this article, let's take a look at what Google AdWords is and how you can use it for your business goals. read on:

What are Google ads?

Google Advertising, as the name suggests, is a Google-owned advertising service that provides a wide variety of advertisements on search engines. This gives you a chance to reach your buyer almost immediately.

These are advertisements on the Internet that you might have interacted with while searching for something specific. To understand it better, type 'buy shoes online' on Google and see some results first. You will see something like this -The first few results with the words 'Advertisement' and 'Sponsored' are the advertisements we are talking about. Sellers are paying to use this space to advertise their products.

Kitty-gritty of google ads

Google AdWords works on a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, where advertisers bid on keywords and pay according to the number of clicks they receive. This is just a basic idea. In this section, we will discuss the types of advertisements offered by Google AdWords, their pricing models, and the mechanisms by which Google operates these ads.

Type of advertisement offered

Search Advertisement

These are ads that appear at the top of your Google search results page. This is what they look like 

Call-only ad

These are mobile advertisements that allow the consumer to make direct calls. Therefore, instead of redirecting them to your website or landing page, you can ease the process and interact with them on a call.

Dynamic advertising

Google's dynamic ads are very similar to search ads, and they use data from your website to generate content for your ad instead of keywords. It is suitable for businesses with a large inventory and a well-established website. These ads help you fill in the gaps that can be caused by keyword inaccuracy.

Mobile app promotion ad

These are meant to promote your store's mobile application. You can include signals that require them to download a mobile application or perform some action within the app.

Display ad

We are sure that you must have seen these on several occasions while browsing through various websites. This is what they look like -sounds familiar? These ads appear on various websites that have enabled advertising. These results do not need to be driven by the search you have done. They are displayed based on other factors such as engagement with Google, interest, previous keyword searches, and more.

Video advertising

In this ad format, you can run ads on YouTube and other Google Display Network. These are usually 5s - 15s videos that you watch before any video on YouTube. They improve your targeting and give more information to the customer. In addition, they are more attractive. Example - Book My Show Video for Frozen 10 Movie

Shopping advertisement

These advertisements are suitable for retailers like you who have an ecommerce website and who are selling online. This is what they will see -They have a link to the products, and the buyer is redirected directly to the product page. These advertisements optimize the user's journey and make it extremely crisp. We will discuss how you can set up shopping advertisements in further sections.

Install Mobile App Advertisement

App install ads are useful if you have a mobile app and want to drive more traffic or increase downloads and awareness. Here's what they look like.

General AdWords Terminology

Quality score

Quality Score is Google's rating for your keywords and ads. This is dependent on various factors such as keyword relevance, click-through-rate (CTR), landing page quality, previous ad performance, and more. None of the factors accounted for the quality score, and the proportions of each are not identified. Also, Quality Score determines your Ad Rank. Thus, you should work on improving your Quality Score at all times.


Google charges you for every click on your ads. Therefore, you must specify a budget for each campaign and select a bid amount that you are willing to pay for each keyword and ad. Google AdWords provides you with both manual and automatic bidding for your campaigns. If you select an automatic bid, Google selects the bid amount from your budget and works to give you the most clicks. While manual campaigns allow you to How does Google AdWords work?

There are two networks on which Google AdWords works. These are -

Search Network - These include ads displayed when searching for something on Google
Display Network - Contains display and video ads
Since 'search ads' are more popular and widely used, we discuss working with them.

Phase 1

You create an advertising campaign with some primary keywords. These may include one keyword or several. We will discuss the process of campaign making in further sections.

Phase 2

You bid on the keyword and set your monthly budget

step 3

When someone types a particular keyword in the Google search bar, Google runs an algorithm to identify related keywords for the query from the keyword pool.

step 4

It finds the top 6 advertisers based on relevance, keyword quality score, and the bids they place.

Step 5

The visitor is shown 6 different ads, and if they click on the ad and visit the website, the advertiser is charged for the advertisement.

AdWords Pricing Explained

Google charges vendors on a per click (PPC) model. As we mentioned earlier, the PPC model requires you to bid on keywords, and your bid and quality score determine the ad rank for your ad.Thus, when you set up a campaign on AdWords, you set a budget for it and a spending budget for each day. That's why Google charges you for the number of clicks your ads receive.

Let us understand this better than an example:

You want to run ads on Google to sell shoes. So you set up your ad campaign in AdWords planner and set a budget per day or per month. The price per click is variable and depends on your goals, competition, ad relevance, ad rank, quality score and other related factors. To calculate the average cost per click, divide the daily budget by the number of clicks. Just like this, there are various hacks and strategies that you can try to develop a bidding approach that works best for your business.

How to get started with Google Ads: A step-by-step process

If you have just started with paid marketing campaigns, here's how you can start with Google Ads and improve the reach of your campaigns. If you are signed in to Google with your existing account, you will see the next screen -From the given options, select 'New Google Advertising Account'. Google will automatically create a Google advertising account for your existing Google account.

step 3

On the next screen, choose your ad target. What do you want to be the last conversion from these campaigns?

Part 2 - Setting up advertising campaigns

Phase 1

Moving forward, select your audience. You can define a specific radius for your audience by location, around your location, or by a particular area. Once you are done, click on the next one to proceed.

Phase 2

Select the searches you want to show. Add relevant words related to your product and services.

step 3

  • Write an ad
  • Fill in all the details specified.
  • If you want to change your ad layout, click on 'View more ad layouts'.
  • Select the type of advertisement you want from here and customize your ad accordingly.

step 4

  • Set your budget. Google suggests some budgets you can choose
  • If you want to enter your budget, you can do so by clicking 'Enter your budget' below the suggested budgets.
  • On clicking enter your budget, you will see a sliding bar. Here you can set your desired budget for the campaign.
  • Add your budget and click 'Set Budget' to go!

Step 5

In the next screen, review your campaign and finalize all the details. You can change any aspect you want to change.

Step 6

  • Set up your payment, and your campaign is all set to go live!
  • With these simple steps at your disposal, you can start advertising on Google ads efficiently!
  • KPIs to monitor the success of your campaigns

Your campaigns cannot be improved if you do not track them sufficiently. When tracking the success of your Google advertising campaigns, you should consider various parameters. Some KPIs you can track are listed below:

Quality score

Since Quality Score determines your Ad Rank, you need to make sure that the rating is above 5. Also, if your Quality Score is high, you will have to pay less for your Google ads. This is because you prove to Google that you are a reliable source, and the content you put in the form of advertisements is useful for people using Google to find answers.

Click-through rate (CTR)

The click-through rate is the percentage of people who click on your ad and visit your website. This is an important KPI because it gives you a fair idea of ​​your Google advertising engagement and the people who interact with it. A high CTR indicates that your ad is performing well with the audience you are sharing.

Here's how you can calculate your ad's CTR 

Conversion rate

Conversion rate is the measure of the number of people who click on an ad you share and eventually become customers. The conversion rate gives you information about the number of people who are buying from your website. It also tells you about your ROI and the amount you generate through each advertisement.

Impression share

Impressions represent the number of times your people are shown. Impression share is divided by the number of impressions of your ad based on impressions. This KPI is valuable for the Google Display Network. There may be several reasons for low impression share. Some of them include low budget or low ad rank.

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